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A machine made to mix and bundle all filaments

Introducing LUCY 4 - a mixing machine with an integrated bundling element designed for the modern paintbrush company.

Get finished bundles
ready for loading or shipping

The bundling system creates finished bundles, easy to pack and load in the next phase of your production line.

The PET tape keeps the bundles tight and safe for transport, without risking breakage or loss of filaments. 

Without staples

75mm diameter

Shipping safe

Thanks to the SOFTMIX technology, no filaments are wasted during the mixing process, while fibre scraps are removed from the finished blend.

At an average of 185 bundles per hour, LUCY 4 has the highest production of any filament mixing machine on the market, all while keeping waste at zero.

The most powerful machine on the market

Up to


Bundles per hour

Less than


Filament loss

Combine the power of a mixing machine with a bundling element

We designed LUCY 4 to get a consistent standard of output and quality, no matter the skill level of the operator.


The mixing technology inside the LUCY allows mixing all kinds of filaments at an unprecedented rate with little to no loss.


The bundling element at the end of the machine allows operators to get finished bundles, ready for the next phase of production.

Smart controls

Check mixed percentages, save blend recipes and change sizes, all this is done from the touch screen without having to stop production.

Easy training

Anyone can learn how to use the machine in minutes. No need for years of experience, the machine does it all!

Keep production

going at all times.

The machine never stops mixing and bundling filament as long as there's material in the 4 channels. This allows for a higher production output while avoiding the typical deadtimes of traditional mixing machines.

Easily load filament bundles inside the 4 loading channels.

Simplified loading

Production never stops, just keep loading the filaments.

Constant production

All adjustments without stopping the machine. 

Seamless size change

4 loading channels, endless possibilities

LUCY 4 allows up to 4 different components to be mixed at the same time.

Mix all kinds of filaments without ruining them.

LUCY 4 can mix all sizes ranging from 44mm up to 76mm. The machine can be tailored to better suit your specific blend length.

Mix short and long sizes

LUCY 4 can mix all sizes ranging from 44mm up to 76mm.

The machine can be tailored to better suit your specific blend length.

Learn more
No waste on the short filaments

Short filaments like the 44mm are not lost during mixing, while the filaments scraps are filtered out, allowing for a high-quality mix and less waste when assembling the paintbrush.

Mix all synthetic filaments without ruining them.
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LUCY 4 was designed with bristle/synthetic blends

in mind. Hollow, cross, solid is mixed smoothly without wasting or ruining any.

Watch the promotional video of the machine.


We offer two models of our LUCY mixing machine: they differ based on what type of filament they mix.

Each of these machines can be tailored to meet the specific characteristics of your filaments.

Blend synthetic and natural paintbrush filaments

Over 185 bundles per hour with 75mm bundles

Less than 1% waste


For bristle and synthetic filaments

This mixing machine is designed to take on the typical bristle and synthetic filament mixtures.

Blend all types of synthetic filaments

Over 200 bundles per hour with 57mm bundles

Less than 1% waste


For tapered synthetic filaments

This machine is designed to give the best results with blends of tapered and slippery synthetic filaments, like DuPonts.

Compact but mighty.

At just 4.3x1.5 m, LUCY 4 occupies a third of the space of traditional mixers and can produce as much as two, without waste and noise.

4.3 metres

1.5 m

See real-time blend percentages.

LUCY 4 collects data on the real percentages entering the machine, allowing you to know what’s happening in real-time.

Save your blends for fast access.

Blends percentages and settings can be saved on the touch screen, making switching blend quick and easy.

Seamless size change

Size adjustments can be done easily from the touch screen or by the controls on the machine, all without stopping production.

Change percentages in an instant.

Percentages can be changed from the touch screen or by the dials on the machine, without stopping production.

Made to be learned in minutes by any employee

With traditional mixers, it can take months for employees to become proficient and get good results. We designed LUCY 4 so that any new employee can learn the basics in minutes and get a high-quality mix right away.

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