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Our mission at SCM Automation

We provide the tools for the paintbrush company of tomorrow.

Year founded
Years of experience in paintbrush industry
Venice, Italy
Location of SCM Automation
About Us
We're enabling paintbrush manufacturers to create any type of filament blend for their paintbrushes, whether they use a bristle or synthetic. 
We created the company out of the need of one of the founders to do this exact thing.
Now, years later, we've dialled down the best technology to mix all types of material, while keeping hourly production high and loss close to zero.

Made by the people that use it everyday.

Our designs are the result of our combined founders' experiences manufacturing paintbrushes and fixing filament mixing machinery.

Our Founders

Fabio Civiero
A paintbrush manufacturer since the 80s, he knows the ins and outs of the business.
Gianluca Silvestri
A technician on filament mixing machines since the 90s, he knows all about them.
Our mixing machines
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